Knife Fairs


Welcome to - here you'll find details about the Knife Fair held at the Midland Game Fair for knife collectors, knife makers and those interested in custom knives. Whilst the Midland Game Fair is the only dedicated Knife Fair organised by Pat Dyer Fairs Ltd knife dealers are most welcome to have a stall at any of the other Game and Country Fairs we have an Antiques Collectable and Gift Marquee at.

There are details of the Next Knife Fair to be held on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st September 2014 at the Midland Game Fair.

If you want a better idea of the event, there's a review of a previous fair as published in the Gun Mart Magazine and last year's knife show on the Previous Knife Fairs page. There's also details of some of the Dealers at the Fairs with descriptions of the knives they make and sell written by themselves.

Interested in making knives, collecting swords, forging blades or need to research an antique knife in your collection? You'll definitely find one or more of the top selling Books On Knives useful. There's also details on the history of Knife Making in the UK.

As usual, the internet is a great resource for finding out more about your knife collecting hobby, but with so many website out there it's hard to know where to start. We've hence included a list of links to some of the best knife related websites available.

Finally, if you've got any further questions then feel free to Contact Us.

Hope to see you at the Next Knife Fair!